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Nursery Nursey

Today is the first day of School (playgroup) after CNY.  Everyone in School was exchanging admission results.  Justin, Rachel and Junie are allocated into the afternoon class.  Dick Dick will move to kindergarten.  Jolly is still waiting.
Ms Leung said that we should have written to the School right at the point of receiving the admission letter, requesting transfer to the morning class.  I was very much startled and immediately drafted one for L’s comments.  I sent out the letter at 1:25 pm.  I hope it reaches the Principal’s desk by tomorrow.
Good luck (to myself?)!
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Junie’s CNY Party at School

It is really hot these days.  The costume we prepared for Junie is padded and therefore is too hot to wear.  So I went to get a new set for her, which is lighter and thinner.  Junie is too short for it and I had to alter the pants!  Wow, hurry!
It turned out to be a happy party.  Paul managed to join it and both Grandma and Daddy took photos for Junie.  The 3 of them and the classmates all had a wonderful time. 
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Been working like a dog on Sat morning.  Paul was very kind to have taken care of Junie for the whole morning.  They went to the Library, the Victoria Park, checked a baby play group centre and finally came to my office to join me going home after work.  Junie was extremely active and did not want to have a nap in the afternoon.  We waited and waited.  After finished watching a DVD, and a row with Daddy (Daddy scolded her for playing with the lamp), she cried and fell into sleep.  Paul and I immediately sneaked out.  We went out to look for the Candy Box for CNY.
Tuen Nian Dinner was held at our home.  Ka Che and Ronald came.  I was super happy.  I enjoy seeing them v much.  So is Junie.  Junie likes EEMa.
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Just met Mr Tan online

I just met Mr Tan 陳生 online.  He is okay.  Health conditions improved. 
He shared with me some of his needs:
最主要是求主保守. 自己的身心靈, 有太多的挑戰和試探
Shall we pray for Mr Tan?  Mr Tan will stay in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year.  And he is on Yahoo messenger.