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Unhappy Kaki

My colleague thought that I cheated on her.  I was very disappointed.  Over these years, I helped her out many times and tried to make her life easier and simpler.  It turned out that these good intentions were in vain.
Been calling up churches asking for referrals for many weeks and a number of maid interviews had been arranged.  We are about to confirm one, pending getting reference from her previous employer.  I thought Paul could help in this process but it turned out that he was unwilling to do this little piece of job, despite what other things his wife had done for the family.
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It was Sports Day last Saturday

Junie had her first Sports Day last Saturday.  It was in Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground.  She was kind of a cheer member, shaking Yakult bottles.  No competition was held… just games set up for kids to play.  Lucky that it was a cloudy day, otherwise it would have been super hot!  After the Sports Day, the four of us went to Heng Fa Chuen yum cha. 
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Welcome Wai Wai

Man Chung and Crab took Wai Wai to our home.  She is 28 months old and is much bigger in size than Junie.  Wai Wai was quite quiet at the beginning but she gradually got warmed up.  They had a great time on the playground.  Both Junie and her were v sleepy at the end of the day but they refused having a nap.  Junie immediately fell into asleep right after the party left. 
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4 Months’ Salary and the 65 Books!

Paul is receiving 4 months’ salary as bonus!!!!!!!!!  Hurray!
I left the office at around six and walked to the parking space to get my car.  To my surprise the lock did not work!  I was very frightened and called Toyota Emergency.  The guy said I needed to change the battery .  Ha???  How??? Smartie me thought of the Toyota showroom right opposite to my office.  I dashed there and asked for their help.  They changed the battery for me.  But they very much doubted that the failure of the lock system was due to ‘no battery’.
The lock worked after several trials.  I was relieved but I think the car needs to visit the garage anyway!
When I got home, I found that the 65 books we ordered for Junie have arrived!  Again, hurray!