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First Week as a Full-time Mom

I have completed my first week as a full-time mom.  It seems alright!  Not bored, but busy.  Ka Che said Junie talked more!  I am so glad.  And I found that my temper has improved substantially (except the part towards the maid).  Will remove the maid today.  Hope God will give me a good one.  Paul and I are still suffering from the flu that Junie passed onto us.
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Superb Weather

Weather is superb these 2 days.  Hope my last few days will be as superb as the weather!
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Thank God It’s Over!

Thank God that the Admission is over!  It was the deadline yesterday and I was super super busy!  No lunch, constant walking btw my office and the Common Room, numberous enquiries….
Glad that it was over… I can concentrate on my other tasks!