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Ocean Park evening

Eunice invited us to join the CIS event in the Ocean Park. It was a great evening n we were impressed by the spirit of the school n the low maintenance of the pupils n the parents.
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Alumni Orchestra

I had a wonderful evening!  I joined the Alumni Orchestra rehearsal.  I hardly know anyone except Meilui.  But when I saw the conductor, I also screamed out!  It was 周公!  He was my brass teacher when I was in the primary school!  He looked exactly the same as he was years ago!  I played in the second violin.  I could not play all the notes but it was alright.  I really enjoyed it!!!! 
Paul came home early and took Junie out.  They went to a team building dinner of one of his teams.  Heard that Junie enjoyed most of it unitl she felt sleepy. 
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I love this season!

Thanks to Ann for her recommendation!  I found her suggested educational material v useful!  In additional to that, I am now looking for pretty diaries for Junie and me.  It will be great if she can write a little piece each day.  Do you think so? 
The weather is so good these days.  And Junie behaves too.  She stops crying when I leave school in the morning.  She even kissed me goodbye yesterday!
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Running on a smooth routine

After 3 years and 5 months, I finally feel that I am running on a smooth and bearable daily schedule.  I can fiinally tug Junie into bed at 9pm instead of ten thirty.  She sleeps better now.  She gets up early and she is wide awake by the time we leave home.  And when she gets home, I will make her do some paperwork before any other activities.  I hope this helps her build a good habit.  I am brainstorming other meaningful home activities for her.