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Aiya, I am super tired!

Being a parent is not easy. You have to be physically and mentally healthy in order to survive. I am still learning how to be a better mum. Hope I can capture the skills faster!
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Junie coughed through the night

Poor Junie… and me!  She was coughing non-stop last night and could not go to sleep.  I stayed at her room, patting her, trying to soothe the disturbance from the coughing.  Will take her to see the doctor after school.  The humid, cool weather makes us feel ill.  Hope she gets well soon!  She had a wonderful afternoon playing at Tim’s home and I enjoyed talking to Tim’s and Elizabeth’s mummy too.  Tim’s home is a house.  Though not very big, it is cozy and filled w family happiness!  No wonder.  Tim’s family is a big and busy one:  Daddy, Mummy and 4 kids!
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Movie instead!

After checking the travel agencies, we had some ideas on the price of the tickets+accomodation for trips to be done on 10 April.  They are really quite expensive.  We dropped the idea eventually.  But we wont be bored.  They will come to visit my home instead and we will have fun for the whole day.  I have even arranged 3 tickets for the movie ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ (thanks to Sue).  Paul will take the 2 girls to the cinema!  Wow!  Doesnt it sound exciting?
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Easter is coming

We are going to Cebu from 14-17 April. But I want to schedule activities for 10-13 April as well. A friend suggested several ideas to me. While I was considering them, another friend called and said she really wanted to go on a vacation. So I will pass to this Paul. Hope he comes up w some great options for us.
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Trial drawing class

Junie was already quite excited when I picked her up from school. She seemed to be looking forward to the drawing class! She colud not wait to put on her drawing apron. Giving me a goodbye kiss and a tight squeezy hug, she went into the studio. So far so good. The only drawback is that there is no public carpark nearby! Will need to find a solution for this…
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Afterschool Activities

Junie has graduated from the Music Wonderland programme.  So it is a good time to look for new extra-curricular activities.  But it is not easy at all!!!  I wish to put all them all on weekdays so that we can have more flexible family time during weekends.  Today, she will try out a new drawing class.  Let’s see how it turns out!
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Yum Cha with Cousin

Cousin stopped working.  Perhaps she needs a rest?  So we met up.  We yumcha-ed at Taikooshing and stayed there for more than 2 hours.  Cousin looked fatter and was quite eager to talk.  We promised that we would visit each other more often.  After the yum cha, I went to pick up Junie.