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I am Sick…

Caught a very serious cold.  Lucky that it is me, but not Junie!  My nose is stuff.  I can hardly breathe!!!!  But life has to go on, doesn’t it?  Hope I get well fast enough… otherwise I cannot enjoy the farm visti tormorrow!!!!  So happy!  Long weekend ahead!!!
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Junie’s Daily Bread…

Paul is going to lead the bible study in May.  He needed some supplementary material and off we went to TIEN DIAO book store.  While he was looking for what he wanted, I strolled to the kids’ section and found a book called 小寶寶日日學 Blessings Everyday.  It contains small paragraphs of God’s message for everyday in a whole year and it is bilingual.  I bought it and started reading it to Junie every morning.  The paragraph is very short and it talks about things that happen around us.  Junie finds it easy to link her daily life to God.  I love it.   
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School Visits

I made visits to 2 international schools today.  The one in North Point is big and old.  There are a lot of students there but they are all local students, despite the fact that they are studying in the international stream.  It is a ‘one-dragon’ school so parents do not have to worry about school search.  The kids can stay until the end of Form 5.  We, however, were not happy about the dominance of local students.  The other one in Happy Valley was even more disappointing.  I think even my home is bigger than the campus!!!!  We immdiately jumped out of it.  So, afterall, the school Junie is now studying is a very well balanced school.  I really like it.
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Ever since Junie was accepted by a local kindergarten, I cannot find a peaceful moment.  How to choose…?  What to forgo…?  It is not easy at all.  I pushed my creativity to its limits and had once come up with quite a number of options.  After carrying researches on each of them, however, I found that neither of them worked!  Up to this moment, I still do not know what school(s) she is going next year!!! 
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Back from Cebu

I really enjoyed the Cebu trip.  Out of my expectation, Cebu turned out to be a wonderful place.  The weather was fine.  I read from the web that it was a rainy place.  Luckily, 3 out of 4 days during our stay were sunny days.  The other day was sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon.  So the sky was all blue in our pictures!  The people there were nice and friendly.  The hotel people were v willing to help, which is, very different from those in KK (Kota Kinabalu).  Shopping was another wonderful thing in Cebu.  The mall we visited was called SM and it was huge.  Things were cheap.  Everything was cheap.  We bought some kid’s books which were great bargain. 
The hotel we were staying at was big.  We therefore spent a great deal of leisure time in various places in the hotel… swimming pool, private beach, spa centre, kid’s adventure zone, game room and of course restaurants!  The food was great and the price was reasonable.  Junie got quite tired after hours of playing and what was better than room service? 
We paid a visit to a nearby island, Bohol.  The two-and-a-half hour-ferry ride was a bit too much for me, which perhaps made things that I encounted on the island looked extremely exciting to me.  We hired a car and a driver, who doubled himself as a tour guide.  He took us to lunch first.  It was a cruise buffet lunch.  I felt suspicious when I saw the boat as I thought that it might be an over charged place where only tourists (who were not well informed) would go.  But it was not!  The fare was unexpectedly cheap.  The food was mouth watery.  The singer who sang for us was great.  The boat ride was very relaxing.  It stopped on a small island where we got off and met a tribe.  They looked like Africans to me, though they could not be.  They played their local percussion music for us and did the tribal dance.  I liked that very much.  After lunch, we started our tour on this island.  What were the most famous things were the Chocolate Mountains and the tiny animals, Tarsier.  Chocolate mountains are a sea of low hills, 12xx of them.  When one stood on a high place and looked out, they looked like the little chocolate bon bons neatly placed in a box.  Tarsier is a tiny animal, which looks like a monkey with huge eyes.  Its size is less than my hand.  Junie liked the tarsiers very much and we got her a pencil stand with a tarsier clinging on it. 
The pencil stand is now standing happily in Junie’s room.  Junie and I had a wonderful time in Cebu and we felt sad when we were leaving back.  I like Phuket a lot.  After this trip, however, I think I prefer Cebu, at least for the moment as Thailand is still politically unstable. 
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Stanley with Mum

Junie was having a playdate with Misha after school.  As usual, I dropped her and the helper at Misha’s home and went straight to Stanley.  But today is special.  Mum was with me!  She had not been to Stanley for several years and was quite excited about it.  She was particularly interested in a shop selling cotton woven items.  She bought lots of pouches.  I bought 3 pouches too.  I want to give them to Sister.  Sister always helps me buy pretty clothes, saving me all the shopping troubles.  The 3 pouches I chose were for use during travelling.  One is for shoes.  Another one is for pretty outer garments.  The last one is for swimming suits.  The girlish icons on the bags were pretty embroidery works.  Hope Sister likes it.