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Birthday Party Invitation Sent!

I have finally sent out the invitations!  Since the venue is very small, the guests we invited are mostly her school friends and we limited the number to 15.  Sending E invitation is a good idea, but the system was TOO automatic that it merges info that is not supposed to be merged!!!!!  Anyway, the problem is fixed and I hope it is fine now!  Guests are doing the RSVPs.  I think more replies will be coming in after the weekend. 

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Dragon Boat Festival

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We went to see the dragon boat competition.  Junie liked it and got excited when the dragon boats passed by.  We then yumcha-ed at the Regal Hotel.  When everyone was full, we set off to the beach.  It was quite cloudy and windy.  Junie worked hard with us and we built several sand castles.  But then it rained really hard and we rushed back to the cafe and had enjoyable food and drinks again!

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After School Activities

I am very satisfied with Junie’s after school activities schedule now.  After 2 months’ hard work, I can finally sit back and look at the timetable with great comfort.  It is not too much and not too rush.  And she is finally settling down with it.  She is having something to do every other day after school.  And it seems that she feels quite alright with the teachers and the learning environments.

What is sad is that… I have to work out another one after summer!!!

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Tennis finally

So happy that I can finally enrol Junie into a tennis course. Have always wanted her to learn it. The timing or the venue, however, was always not feasible.  I picked up a brochure of a multi sports centre when I was registering Junie in Small World and learnt that there was actually something called mini tennis.  It is to be done indoor (which is a great thing in summer) and that the rackets are smaller (which is good news to Junie).  Unfortunately, the time available is again not feasible for Junie.  So I googled mini tennis and out this popped out! Arranged by the HK Tennis Centre, this mini tennis course is to be attended by both the kid and a parent!  And the venue is on the Hong Kong side!  Hooray!!!!  She will start in June.  Will this be a sport activity which she enjoys and enjoys life long?
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Meeting Shirley and Family

Had a terrible stomache early this morning.  Did not go to the church.  Had lunch w Shirley and family.  Heather got along well with Junie.  We yum-cha-ed at Regal Hotel Shatin.  The food was yummy.  After the lunch, we visited Shirley’s home.  I like her home.  It was spacious and he layout was very good and practical,  Heather has a lot of toys.  And Lawrence is a nice guy.  We had a nice chat just about everything! 
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Shyness in Kids

Attended a talk on the subject this morning.  It reminded me a thing that I have forgotten.  Family discussion done in front of a kid has quite an impact on the forming of values and perception of her.  If a family spends a lot of their discussion on criticising people, the kid may develop a perception that one’s behaviours are always being discussed at one’s back.  So, be positive in your speech, parents!
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I am Melted!

Had a long day!  Facial and body treatment in the morning.  Followed by shopping for personal and household items.  Picked up the helper.  Drove her to the super market.  She did the grocery shopping while I had my quick lunch in the car.  Picked up J from school.  Drove her to the drawing class.  And now, I finally have a moment to sit down.  It is very hot today.  I think I am melted.  The hot weather makes me grumpy.  Pray to God that I can control my temper and be patient!