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We are Sisters…

I had a fight w Sister last Sat.  We were supposed to go out and dine.  I arrived late as we left Sai Kung late and we had to drop off Paul’s colleagues on our way out.  When I arrived at the restaurant, I found that only Mum was there.  She told me that she just got the table as the queue for a table was very long.  I was surprised to see that Sister was not there.  She then showed up and started complaining the restaurant to us.  She thought that the restaurant was not accomodating enough.  She was so busy complaining that she did not even have time to say hello.  I almost thought that she did not see me.  Mum was so kind to calm her down, explaining that the restaurant was not being rude to at all.  But Sister just lost control and kept repeating the same words.  I could not stand it and asked her to complain to the restaurant directly.
Sister was angry at me and I scolded her.  We did not talk for the whole evening.
Being family members, I think Mum and I have been very accommodating to Sister, esp her temper.  I just think that Sister needs to be informed about this.  I told her in similar occasions before and said that we should focus on the precious momemts that we spent together, rather than on the surronding ppl or the environment.  I thought she understood.  But when situation like this happened again, I was so disappointed that I lost my patience too.
I did not apologise like what I did before.  Today, I just wrote a casual email to her asking about the tea she gave me some time ago.  And we started talking again.
Sisters, we are.

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