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‘I dunno how to do it’

The weather is hot and sunny.
I think it will be nice to have light lunches on a day like this.  Mummy likes potato salad.  So I asked the helper to prepare a potato salad for us.  I was quite excited about it and thus made a call to Mum, thinking that such news might be a good morning refreshment.  To my great disappointment, the first thing she said after hearing my menu was, ‘I dunno how to do it.’
How disgusting a response!  I hate lazy people and I hate negative people.  I think she belongs to both categories.
I repeated and repeated to her that it would be the helper who would prepare the salad.  She was still cautious.  Not until I told her that it was because potato salad was her favourite and hence the maid would make it for her that she laughed and said she understood it.
I just wish that I wont turn into a member of the 2 groups of ppl I mentioned up there when I grow old…..

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