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‘I dunno how to do it’

The weather is hot and sunny.
I think it will be nice to have light lunches on a day like this.  Mummy likes potato salad.  So I asked the helper to prepare a potato salad for us.  I was quite excited about it and thus made a call to Mum, thinking that such news might be a good morning refreshment.  To my great disappointment, the first thing she said after hearing my menu was, ‘I dunno how to do it.’
How disgusting a response!  I hate lazy people and I hate negative people.  I think she belongs to both categories.
I repeated and repeated to her that it would be the helper who would prepare the salad.  She was still cautious.  Not until I told her that it was because potato salad was her favourite and hence the maid would make it for her that she laughed and said she understood it.
I just wish that I wont turn into a member of the 2 groups of ppl I mentioned up there when I grow old…..
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We are Sisters…

I had a fight w Sister last Sat.  We were supposed to go out and dine.  I arrived late as we left Sai Kung late and we had to drop off Paul’s colleagues on our way out.  When I arrived at the restaurant, I found that only Mum was there.  She told me that she just got the table as the queue for a table was very long.  I was surprised to see that Sister was not there.  She then showed up and started complaining the restaurant to us.  She thought that the restaurant was not accomodating enough.  She was so busy complaining that she did not even have time to say hello.  I almost thought that she did not see me.  Mum was so kind to calm her down, explaining that the restaurant was not being rude to at all.  But Sister just lost control and kept repeating the same words.  I could not stand it and asked her to complain to the restaurant directly.
Sister was angry at me and I scolded her.  We did not talk for the whole evening.
Being family members, I think Mum and I have been very accommodating to Sister, esp her temper.  I just think that Sister needs to be informed about this.  I told her in similar occasions before and said that we should focus on the precious momemts that we spent together, rather than on the surronding ppl or the environment.  I thought she understood.  But when situation like this happened again, I was so disappointed that I lost my patience too.
I did not apologise like what I did before.  Today, I just wrote a casual email to her asking about the tea she gave me some time ago.  And we started talking again.
Sisters, we are.
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A Day in Sai Kung Fish Raft

One of Paul’s teams was having a team building day in Sai Kung.  Junie and I joined them.  We drove to somewhere in Ma On Shan/Sai Kung and got onto a speed boat.  The boat took us to a fish culture site.  We got onto the rafts.  Paul’s colleagues had arrived and were enjoying themselves.  Junie tried fishing but we did not catch any.  BBQ started around sunset.  It was a nice experince.  But I got a little sea sick. 
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Grocery Shop Day

Junie’s school has a theme for every Friday.  Today is the Grocery Shop Day.  Each kid is to bring back $5 and the class will visit the Weme Supermarket.  They are supposed to get some fruits back and make a fruit salad.  Let me check the classroom webcam now… ummm… the classroom is empty.  I guess they have set off for their grocery shopping! 
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Seeing Old Friends

I went out to celebrate Ann’s birthday with Sue, Meilui and Elana.  The restaurant was comfortable.  The food was good.  And we had nice chats.  I gave Ann a cooking timer from Franc Franc as I learnt from Facebook that she was v into cooking recently.  Well, she was actually very professional!  It is really nice to see good friends!  We are friends since kindergarten!
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Nice weather

I think we should look up to the sky more today. The sky is SO blue. Just wish everyday’s weather is like today’s.
Junie is doing her maths now… my weakest subject!
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Junie is unhappy

I found that Junie is less cheerful thqn she used to be. I tried to figure out the reason why. Did anything change? And I think I realised there was a recent change. That is ME. Over the past few months, I was being extremely stern to Junie. In view of Junie’s spirit’s downturn, I will stop being too harsh. Hope she becomes our old cheerful girl again!
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Surprise Mother’s Day Gift!

Paul got me a surprise Mother’s Day gift.  And I really really like it!  It is a light-weight DSLR camera!  I could not believe my eyes when I opened the gift as I have dropped the idea of getting a new DSLR camera for quite some time.  I am happy that Paul arranged this surprise for me and I am happy also because it is a nice camera!
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A Message for Me

God had a message for me on Mother’s Day.  The pastor was talking about Maria.  Maria must be facing huge anxiety as she got pregnant before she got married.  And we can all understand it was not easy to take care of a kid.  If this was happening onto an average person, she would definitely be very frustrated and upset.  But not Maria!  She just accepted it calmly…. as it was something from God.  And we, parents, often complain about our kids and easy to develop a feeling that other kids are better than the one(s) we have.  Hold!  We should not compare and we should not fancy that we should be given choices!  Maria again had no choice.  See how she reacted to the gift from God.  She just did her part and took good care of the baby.  She had no good hospital.  She had no nurses and doctors.  And she had just one friend.  But she did not complain as she knew that all these were from God. 
I had the feeling that God was talking to me thru the pastor.  I will look at the whole thing from a different perspective today.  And I will pray for myself and Junie.  Thank, God!
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When will J stop crying?

Can someone answer me this question? I am really sick of her crying. She cries whever we say goodbye. I gathered that she usually stopped crying after a few minutes. Oh, my… It is such a torture.