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Yes! Junie is Accepted!

Yes!  Junie is accepted!!!  We fell in love w the third (international) school we visited and submitted an application right after the visit.  I just got a notification that J was accepted.  We will see the principle next week.  Thank, God!  This is the best arrangement, I think.  I am so happy that J can go to a Christian English speaking school!  The next thing is … can she (and me) survive if she is to go to 2 schools?  We’ll see.
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One Year Bible

I found this website some time earlier. I just love it!   It sets us a reading plan for completing reading the bible in a year.  Just set the start date and it will tell u what to read each day!  And, the best part is, i think, the option of a chronological reading sequence.  I opted for this as I never have a good idea on the overall layout of events in the bible.  Hahaha!  God, forgive me!
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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming.  I love my mummy and every year I would prepare a gift for her.  Usually it takes me and my sister quite some time to think about what to get for her.  This year, on the contrary, is a lot easier!  Mummy is seeing more friends now and she finds that she needs more clothes than she used to be.  My sister and I, therefore, looked for appropriate summer clothes.  Sister got her 2 thin jackets.  And I, being more radical, got her the latest fashion…….. the marine style!!!  Mum loves what we got for her (always!).  Happy!
Paul got me a present too!  A pair of sunglasses.  I found this pair of sunglasses some time ago but I did not buy them as I wanted to be v sure that I really liked it and that I was really going to wear it.  Paul knew about this and he got it as a present!!!  Taking the easy way out, isn’t he?
Junie asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day….  I told her that I wanted a very happy, healthy and 乖乖 Junie.  Junie laughed and said, ‘you cannot wrap me up!!!  You get some toys instead!!!  Toys!!!’  Haha, kids! 
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Swine Flu Fear

I am recovering from my cold though I am still having an upset stomach.  The farm we visited was nice.  There were not as many animals as we imagined but it was still fun.  There were quite a number of facilities for kids and grown-ups to play with.  It is nice to be in the countryside.  At least, I could stop wearing a mask for a while!
Swine flu has arrived Hong Kong.  Schools are to continue.  Junie’s school is very ‘international’.  Hope it will alright to go to school.