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2 Days at Disney

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After the photo shooting, we went yum cha.  When our tummies were full, we headed to Disney Park!  Heather and Junie liked different games and thus we somtimes split.  It suddenly rained very heavily at 8pm.  We managed to get together and had a light dinner at the food stall.  We then returned to the Hollywood Hotel.  Junie fell asleep before we got to the carpark!

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‘My Little Princess’ at Disney

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What a special event!  Junie was taking photos at the Disney studio!  Shirley invited me to go to Disney with them as she knew that Junie was a Princess fan, just like  daughter, Heather, was.  So Shirley ordered everything for us.  Heather was Snow White and Junie was Cinderella!  We brought our own Cinderella gown, Cinderella tiara, Cinderella handbag and Cinderella septre!  Disney provided us the makeup and hairdo services, a new tiara and a 5R photo.  Junie was quite nervous when the makeup lady was putting on the eyeshadow on her eyes.  She, however, got more and more excited when she saw her transformation in the mirror.  When it came to her turn to take the photos, she got nervous again.  Luckily the photographer knew the tricks and made Junie laugh all the way through.  The photos were great and yet we did not order a lot extras.  The photos Paul and Lawrence took were equally good.  So why spent extra money on the official printouts?

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After Ocean Park

Typhoon signal no 3 was hoisted on the day after the Ocean Park visit.  We were a bit worried as we planned to go to Disney on the following day.  Luckily the signal was put off at midnight.  So on Saturday morning, Junie had her Putonghua lesson as usual.  After that, we headed to Disney!  We would do a very special thing in Disney this time!

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Spent a Morning in Ocean Park

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Paul is taking a leave today.  We headed to Ocean Park at 10am.  We got ourselves the annual passes with the money Junie earned from being a model.  And off we went!  We went straight to the other side of the mountain and visited all the aquaria.  Junie likes fish very much and she got really excited when she was at the Atoll Reef, ie the main aquarium.  We left at 1:30pm.  Junie went to her drawing class and we headed to the parent conference. 

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Junie as a Little Model

Junie06 Ann asked Junie to be one of the models for the learning centre of her company.  This is the first time she went there.  It was fun.  Junie needed some time to warm up and I think this time went more smoothly than the last time.  More solo portraits were taken this time.  Junie is earning her own money!

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An activity A Day

I managed to arrange an activity a day for Junie. How about next week? How about the week after the next? No school for 3 months! Do you think it is a right thin to do? 3 months! It’s a quarter of a year!