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Cheap Glossy Paper

I found a shop selling good quality glossy photo paper at a very low price.  I used to get them at the $10 Grocery Shop but recently I faced difficulty in getting them.  Luckily I found a very good alternative seller.  The paper is bigger, 4R instead of 3R; the number of sheets per pack is larger’; and the price is a lot cheaper!


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Gift from Mum



Mum got this for me as a little gift.  I like the texture of it.  But I found the tone fairer than my own complexion and I don’t like the price!

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Best Friends Meet Up again!!!!

P1160446 P1160479 P1160462 P1160465 P1160468 P1160470 P1160471 P1160474 P1160475

Klara is back from Sweden.  Hanna, Klara’s mummy called and asked us to go to South Bay with them.  I updated them about Junie’s situation.  We anyway met up at the beach and had a wonderful time.  The beach was empty and water was clear.  The most important thing is… the very best friends can meet up again!!!!!

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Good news

Good news for Paul!  He received his official promotion notice yesterday.  It was expected but still it is exciting.  We dont know if there will be any adjustments to the salary.  Junie has a new school. Paul has a new title.  How about me?  Paul is going back to the office everyday despite the fact that he is actually on his annual leave…  This is what I have got. 

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Junie is Improving

P1160430 P1160433 P1160434

Junie is improving.  I stayed w her for a while.  At 12:00pm sharp, I pointed at my watch and told her that I had to drive the car away as the carpark lady would ask mummy to go.  Junie gave me a big kiss and said, ‘Alright, Mummy, I will not cry.’  Hooray!

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First Day in SIS

IMG_3097 IMG_3098 P1160428 IMG_3101-1

This is the First Day of School!  She is having PE lessons on Monday and Wednesday and so she is wearing T-shirt and shorts!  We arrived at 20 mins before school started, the time prescribed for kids coming in by private transportation.  But there were no school staff attending as promised!!!!!!  I had no choice but left the car to Paul and took Junie into the campus.  Nobody was there!!!!!!!!  Junie got nervous and became teary….

Finally we found the gathering place and Junie began to calm down.  Madison, a Tutor Time school friend, arrived and Junie became happier.  I stayed (see the last pic) until the teachers came and guided them back to the classroom.

She looked extremely fine when we picked her up at 3:20pm.  We asked her what she did at school.  She said it was a secret!