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SIS Orientation Day

Junie did not cry on the Orientation Day when Paul and I left the classroom!  What about tomorrow… the First Day of School?

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New School Visit

Photo0726 Photo0727

The 3 of us went to SIS for registration.  It was done smoothly.  Papers required were submitted.  All fees were paid.  The administrator even praised Junie is a well brought-up little kid.  (hahaha, she will know more about the real Junie soon!!!)  After the registration, we took a walk in the school and found that the Preparatory Session is bright and colourful.  The playground is right outside the classrooms and is well covered with a glass rooftop!  Junie was excited and seemed to like her new school!  A good start!

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Lake Kerry Field Trip

200908 - TT Lake Kerry Field Trip1-1 We had a school field trip to Kerry Lake, Tai Po last week.  It was a rainy day and hence all activities were held indoors.  Junie became a chef.  She made herself a chef hat and baked her own bread ‘J’.  After that, we visited a small but interesting museum.  It showed how the ancient people made use of what they found from nature and turned them into tools, musical instruments and transportation means.  Daddy took a morning off and enjoyed all these adventurous moments with Junie.