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Craft Project Completed

My new dresser seat cover.  What do you think of that?
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City Vacation

Paul has booked air and hotel for the Tokyo trip.  It will be a 5 day vacation.  I am not too sure if I can enjoy a city holiday with Junie.  I think I should prepare very well this time so that I will not put myself into difficult or embarrassing positions. 

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The New Bookshelf

We bought a new bookshelf for Junie and was really looking forward to install it.  Unfortunately the deliverymen failed to put it in place!  They said Junie’s room was too small for the resembling and thus they did it outside the room.  But once the shelf was set up, they could not move it back into the room!!!!!!  Sigh….  Have to look for other options again!

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School Green Day

Photo0856 This is the first Green Day in Junie’s school life.  Students can wear a green tee with the PE short pants on the Green Day.  Junie insisted to wear a skirt of her own instead of the PE shorts.  It took me quite some time to convince her.  Finally it was settled by having a skirt standby in her school bag…. in case they really could wear skirts of their choices, she can get changed at school.  Eventually, I was proved to be right.

Junie brought my disposable contact lens cases to school to recycle.  It’s good that the kids start learning to love the planet at an early age.

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October Long Break

Junie is having a long break in October, like 10 days or so.  Paul will be busy in his new post by then.  He is not sure if he can take leaves.  The most, he expects, he can get away from the office will be around 2 days.  He is thinking of going to Tokyo as he promised Junie to take her to Tokyo Disney.  Dunno if we can make this trip or not….