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I was checking Junie’s phonics notebook yesterday and I noticed that the teacher was doing dictation with them.  I was surprised that Junie managed to dictate some of the words correctly without learning the spelling of the words before!  Amazing!  Hope she works hard on this and can soon read all by herself!

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Chaffeur Kaki

I think I drive more frequently than a full-time driver.  Yesterday I drove 7 times out of my building!  Unbelievable!  Should have been 8 times.  But I finally gave up driving and walked down to Causeway Bay to pick up Junie from her Magical Chinese  lesson.  I am getting sick of driving!

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Swimming Lesson

I failed to arrange any swimming lesson for Junie in the summer.  I asked for recommendation of good female coaches and it seems that nobody knew any!  Just when I am giving up the idea, I received a notice from the school, saying that the School is offering Swimming Course to the kids!  I will definitely enrol Junie into it.  The lesson will start immediately after school.  So convenient! 

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Happy Morning, Happy Start

Wow, finally a school day.  Junie will start studying the Chinese Language/Culture at a new learning centre this morning.  I am very excited.  I wish Junie can nurture and blossom in this area.  My Chinese language proficiency has never been good.  My dear friend Shirley would definitely agree with me (‘^n^)!  Let’s see how Junie does in the first lesson!  It is in a playgroup mode.  So I guess she will be fine except for the time when we say goodbye to her…..

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Tailor Kaki

I finally decided to squeeze some time out to alter Junie’s school uniform.  We always had the feeling that her school uniform was too big, even though the shop assistant insisted that they were the right size for her.  I did some sewing today.  Hope Junie looks smarter from tomorrow onwards!