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My Birthday

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2.9kg Umbrella Stroller

I just realised that this item of Junie’s has become an antique…. a most sought after antique.  Katoji does not produce it anymore.  Wing was looking for it everywhere,  as she is going to Bangkok is January, and found that it was all sold out in HK and that the item is discontinued in Japan.  Lucky that I decided to get it for the wild camping last year.  It is super light, super compact and convenient.  And guess the price…  $2xx!


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Junie is really excited on Daddy’s Birthday

 IMG_5925  IMG_5969 IMG_5973 IMG_5978 Photo0065Junie is even more excited than Paul!  She asked for a cake.  She wanted to blow the candle and to cut the cake.  I got Paul a set of a crystal bottle and cups for drinking Sake.  He likes it very much.  Lucky that Brooks Brothers’s white shirts were all sold out.  Otherwise, Paul would have just got another boring work outfit.  We were very full as we had shark fin’s soup, chicken, roasted Pork, steamed fish and a serradura cake.