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Jazz Trial

Lots of new things to try lately!  Junie will have a trial Jazz class today.  Will she like it?

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₩Mobile broadband trial

Tracy lent her netvigator mobile broadband connector to me. I will try it out for a while n see whether it helps to relieve some of the pressure of my busy life.
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Snowy Vacation

Been back for almost a week.   But I m still reviewing the happy moments I had in Seoul.  I liked the people, the weather, the goods and the place!  It was around -10 degrees most of the time.  I really enjoyed it.  But not Paul!
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Lego Workshop

Just back from J’s trial session of Lego Workshop.  Junie is 4.5 years old and is between 2 levels of the workshop offered at the Centre.  So I brought her there and check whether she would be able to handle the more advanced level.  After 45 mins, she came up to me with this!


She was supposed to follow the list of the parts needed and the steps shown in the computer in order to complete the project.  With the assistance of the teacher and her school friend Gavin, Junie made this windmill.  And it really moved when one turned the lever at the back!

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₩ Tzit Tzit and Junie

Oscar was my university classmate. His son, Tzit Tzit, is half a year younger than Junie. They have not seen each other since they were 2 years old. We parents were wondering if they would get along well. Out of our expectation, they like each other v much. Both of them are of the energetic type n thus they were always happily running around.