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Disney in Watery Spring

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No school as it is the Parents’ Day.  Our meeting time was very early in the morning.  Hence Junie was free for the whole day.  After her drawing class and some struggle with her Maths exercise, we set off to Disney with Po Po.  It was not crowded and the weather, besides being extremely damp, was alright.  We spent 4 hours there.  

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Disastrous Day

Yesterday was one of the worst days in my life.  Why?  What is worst than having a persistent headache, an extremely severe one!!!!!  I took 2 super dose and 2 super fast panadols but they were totally in vain.  What made it even worse was that Paul had some office errands to do and that friends were visiting our home in the afternoon?  I did not have a single moment to lie down to tackle this painful problem.  It got worse and I started feeling nauseated.  At the end of the dinner, I think I was half functioning only as the pain was really digging into my nerves.  I headed straight into the bedroom once I got home.  I felt so dizzy that I felt like being thrown into the Space.  Luckily, all the bad feelings were gone after a whole night’s sleep.  God, please don’t allow this to happen onto me again!!!!
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An Ad Hoc Task – Urgent and Important

After J’s drawing class yesterday, we went to Cityplaza to see Auntie Clara.  The shanghai restaurant we visited was nice and the food was yummy.  Auntie Clara told J that there would be Lion Dance soon in the shopping mall.  J was v excited and kept asking when it would start.  We were lucky as we did not have to wait for long.  J followed the Lion until we stopped her.  She did not like the banging of the cymbals but she really liked the Lion.  We said goodbye to Auntie Clara then and we headed to the Library. 
It was right at this moment we stepped out of the Library that I received 2 calls.  One from EE and one from Mum.  EE was asking us out for tea and Mum was telling me that Grandpa’s heater was broken down and that under this severe cold weather, it would be q impossible for him to survive!  So we decided to  go n get a heater for Grandpa instead of going for tea!  We dashed to Times Square and rushed into Fortress.  Luckily they still have stock.  (Later we found out that they were all sold out in Broadway.)   
We were q hungry by the time we arrived at Grandpa’s home.  Smart Grandpas had prepared 年糕 for us!  Grandpa was happy w the new heater.   He was quite relieved.  We knew that he was actually very worried.  Well, of course!  Who can stand the cold freezy night!
I was very tired when I arrived home.  But I was very happy. 
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Thanks to Spencer

Spencer helped me to reinstall the Windows in my mini notebook.  The operation was super duper slow but now it is very fast.  I am very happy with it!  I have tried Tracy’s wireless usb connector on it and they work perfectly!  So I guess I will soon subscribe for the mobile internet service!  Thanks, Spencer!