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Disastrous Day

Yesterday was one of the worst days in my life.  Why?  What is worst than having a persistent headache, an extremely severe one!!!!!  I took 2 super dose and 2 super fast panadols but they were totally in vain.  What made it even worse was that Paul had some office errands to do and that friends were visiting our home in the afternoon?  I did not have a single moment to lie down to tackle this painful problem.  It got worse and I started feeling nauseated.  At the end of the dinner, I think I was half functioning only as the pain was really digging into my nerves.  I headed straight into the bedroom once I got home.  I felt so dizzy that I felt like being thrown into the Space.  Luckily, all the bad feelings were gone after a whole night’s sleep.  God, please don’t allow this to happen onto me again!!!!

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