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The Rain Gave our City a Nice Wash


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What? That’s another month?

IMG_9906-1 Our last evening out was like yesterday!  Time really slips through our fingers! 

No, the beer was not for me.  But the ribs (my favourite, yummy!) were!  It was raining cats and dogs last night.  So, we gave up our original plan and looked for restaurants that were well connected to the carparks instead.  Since we did not make a booking w this restaurant in advance, the seating was not the best but the food was nice!

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Enjoying Different Types of Music

I usually like to play my own disc of classical music when no one is in the car except me. Once or twice J overheard it n she showed no dislike abt it. So I started to introduce it to her. I began w my favorite piece, ‘The Trout.’ I explained to her the background. She found it interesting n created some actions for the song. The whole experience was out of my expectation n I really like it.
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Hong Kong in a Day

– J’s assignment, requiring her to visit different places and try different good food of Hong Kong in a day, using 5 different kinds of public transportation.  Frankly speaking, it’s quite a scary piece of assignment.  After a lot of discussion, we finally came up with the following itinerary:

Tai Po Railway Station – (by train) – Tai Wo Railway Station – (by mini bus) – Wishing Tree at Village Lam – (by bus) – Tai Po Railway Station – (by our car) – Tai Wo Hau Station – (by subway) – Tin Hau Temple – (by taxi) – Grandma’s home

I really wanted to give up after visiting the Wishing Tree as we had to wait for 45 mins for the bus to come. 

I don’t think I had enjoyed this little project of J’s, though it brought us to places we had never been to and transportation that we had not been using for a long time…. 

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