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Junie has started summer school

To our surprise j didn’t cry. we were cautious and had arranged a friend to go with her. but it turned out that she can actually manage to stay calm in a totally new environment. Thank God.
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Yeah! All Done!

I m So So glad that all the big projects r completed! The bday party was held yesterday n there were totally 20 school friends taking part in it, more than I hv prepared. I hope everyone had a gd time. N its time for me to be turn from a super impossibly crazy busy mum back to a normal hsewife n ft parent.
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You are our good friends

Just in case I have not talked about this before…. The function room we book for the birthday party this year is quite small.  And since it is the practice to invite everyone in the class, it turns out that all of the capacity is taken up by J’s classmates and their siblings.  Pity that we can’t have all our good friends together this time.