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Hello, Legoland

Legoland is a fun fun fun place.  It’s full of games and kids ideas.  Not commercial at all.  I just love it!
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Hello, LA!

After fighting against jet lag, we were actively moving around LA!  We went to Redondo Beach and Santa Monica today!  Nice relaxing places!  Lots of sunshine and cool breezes!  And crazy shopping!  But what is the most wonderful thing is God gives us nice weather, loving family and caring friends!
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God’s Grace on Mum

Mum’s operation was smooth.  She said it was not painful.  She could eat and sleep in the hospital.  Mum thanks God because God give her a very good doctor.  She will come home today.  Everything should be fine.  The result on what the tumor is will be available within this week. 

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I think some of my friends are abusing my love and care for them.  They are very old friends.  It’s pretty sad but I think I cannot deceive myself any more.  Perhaps sometimes one has to let go and move on.  Lucky that I keep making new friends and many of them are really genuine and supporting.  Thanks to God. 
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Happy Tidy-up

I spent a whole afternoon tidying up my walkin closet.  I feel so good!  It is a thorough reform.  To my surprise, without giving away many things, I still managed to create more empty space!!!  What’s my next place to work on?  Perhaps the wardrobe on the other side… It will be quite a challenge.