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Lots of New Starts

Junie will be experiencing 2 new things ohis coming Sunday. She will go to a new Sunday School n she will hv her first drum lesson. Sad that we will not be seeing our friends as regularly as now… But I m sure God prepare the best for us. In faith go forward!
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Go Go Go!

With the right methods and attitudes, one will eventually succeed!  Go, go, go, Kaki!

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Mother Fish was Finding Her Baby

One day, there is a mama fish and she was looking for her baby. She found an octopus and she said, ‘which way has my little baby gone?’ and the octopus said, ’they go straight.’ And the mama fish was going that way and then she met another octopus and she said, ‘where has my baby go?’ the octopus said, ‘Right!’ and then she go that way and then she asked the sea horse. She asked, ‘where is my baby?’ and the sea horse said, ‘they go left hand side.’ And she was looking and looking by herself and then she found another octopus. She said, ‘where has my baby gone?’ and the octopus said, ‘they go forward.’ And then she said, ‘ok. I’ll go there.’ And then she met another octopus. The octopus said, ‘she went to the left hand side.’ And then she found her baby.

– The End –