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Junie in Drum Lesson

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High School Musical

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The 3 of us saw High School Musical.  Thanks to Shirley for the discount tickets.  The dancing and the singing was great.  Junie liked it but fell asleep at the second half the show.  When she woke up the next morning, she said, ‘Mum, I want to watch it again!’

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Our PY1 Little Project

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Junie’s teacher gave them some green beans seeds last year and helped them to put them onto a wet cotton pad.  After a week, Junie brought it home and we decided to take good care of it.  After several months, the plant blossomed and now is bearing fruits!!!!!  Look!  See the green beans?  I don’t know Junie but I am enjoying a sense of achievment!

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Breakfast w Vicky

It’s really nice to hear from Vicky after the long summer holiday. Spent a happy morning w her, swallowing down our favorite 雪菜肉絲米 & 凍奶茶, and chat chat chat on mummy-ing. Though our girls are v different in character n style, we ourselves share a lot commonality on the how-tos on teaching kids. It’s really nice to hv partners on this long journey of parenting.

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