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Junie in Drum Lesson

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Our PY1 Little Project

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Junie’s teacher gave them some green beans seeds last year and helped them to put them onto a wet cotton pad.  After a week, Junie brought it home and we decided to take good care of it.  After several months, the plant blossomed and now is bearing fruits!!!!!  Look!  See the green beans?  I don’t know Junie but I am enjoying a sense of achievment!

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Breakfast w Vicky

It’s really nice to hear from Vicky after the long summer holiday. Spent a happy morning w her, swallowing down our favorite 雪菜肉絲米 & 凍奶茶, and chat chat chat on mummy-ing. Though our girls are v different in character n style, we ourselves share a lot commonality on the how-tos on teaching kids. It’s really nice to hv partners on this long journey of parenting.

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