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My Flowers, finally!


Junie loves flowers and wants to have some of her own.  I told her we could not pick growing flowers and that flowers from the florists are expensive.  She asked me if we can get some seeds and try to grow our own flowers.  It is a good idea but I think we still need to wait. 

Drum Teacher Clara said Junie did very well in the last lesson.  We were very happy because Junie had been practising every single day in the week.  She did not give up and kept doing it everyday this week.  I wanted to show my appreciation to her hard work.  So I visited the florist yesterday and got her this pot of flowers.  Junie was very happy.  She asked how we should water it.  In order to remind herself, she put two little icons to her weekly schedule board. 

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It is so touching

Paul and I were having a casual chat about us in 10 years’ time. We talked about Junie. We talked about his job and we talked about where we might be and where we might be living. Paul suddenly said, ‘we should ask Mum to live with us. She is getting old. She needs to be taken care of.’ It was so touching. I thank God because he gives me a very generous and caring husband. We don’t know how feasible this plan would be. But I still thank him from the bottom of my heart (though I did not say it to him! Haha…)

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Drum Set

I bought a more professional desktop drum set for Junie today.  The play drum set I bought earlier was broken and so she did not practise much these months.  And she felt bad at the lesson.  I saw a Yamaha drum set on sale at TOM LEE a few weeks ago.  After discussion with Paul and Junie, we decided to invest on it.

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Lovely Monday

I don’t have Monday blue. Monday is the most efficient day of Junie’s week. Having school finished at noon, we can manage to arrive home by 1615 with three activities done. And further, because she has accomplished so much in those hours, she had only one written assignment to work on. So Monday is lovely!!!!

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Upon Daddy’s Special Request…

I had to make 2 extra orders for Junie’s outfits!!!! Yes, yes, yes… I DO like shopping… It’s just that her existing wardrobe was perfectly perfect to me! Why do we need to order more? Anyway, the parcel of the first order lot has arrived. And Junie likes all of the items a lot.