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God is just wonderful

A beautiful morning.


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Playdate at Clearwater Bay

It’s time to meet up with Oscar’s family, as it is quite some time after the Penang trip! So we invited them to the Club. The kids immediately forgot us parents once they saw each other. After putting them into the playroom, the four of us went to the lounge and enjoyed a happy noise-free drink. We started with recent updates and had a very big surprise in doing so!!! It happened that both gentlemen have been offered overseas posting!!! What a coincidence!!!! We exchanged our views and actually reached similar conclusions in the end. Again, I thank God for giving this family as our buddies. It is so nice to get along with them.

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More on Friendship…

It’s sad to see a friend of mine turning bitter day by day.  The only thing I can do for her is to pray for her.  She needs love.  She needs to accept what she is and what she has.  Jealousy is  a devastating emotion, both on the person him/her-self and on the people around him/her. 

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It’s like a Friendship Week

Winnie and I have been delaying our breakfast meeting for so many months!!! Finally the 2 of us, without Junie n Gavin, got together n had a big buffet breakfast. We talked all sorts of things, as we always do. It’s not easy to find genuine friends nowadays. And yet…

The June school birthday party is coming n we birthday parents had to cooperate. Sarah’s mummy and me happen to be having great chemistry and we even arrange to get together in Singapore this summer!!!! It’s wonderful to make new friends.