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Sleepover Party

Junie is doing her first sleepover party at Kalysha’s home. I didn’t go home either. She was having a good time w her best friend… until we turned off the lights n closed the door. She was very scared and began to cry.




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Year End

Most of Junie’s group activities have come to it’s year end. It’s good timing as we are adding new things to her schedule. Junie has grown up a lot lately. I finally sometimes enjoy being w her.

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Parent-Teacher Meeting

We had a nice talk with Junie’s teacher.  We learnt how Junie is doing at school.  And were happy that what the teacher is seeing coincides with what I know about my girl.  The discussion confirms my understanding about Junie and will work towards her weaknesses.  Praise to the Lord that Junie has a good school and very caring and responisble teachers.

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Junie’s summer holiday has started. We went out w Tsit Tsit today. Unfortunately, Junie was not feeling well and so we gave up the idea of ice skating. But, the 2 kids still enjoyed each other’s company n so did the mummies.