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Free Wifi in Singapore vs Taiwan

They are different. One allows you to use Whatsapp, one doesn’t. I am really no good at IT. But one of them must be more generous!

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Got Stuck in the Plane

We have been sitting in the plane for an hour now. The pilot said all departure were stopped. Dunno when we can fly!


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Yes! We are Back!

We have spent 6 days in Singapore and we are back! This is not our first visit to Singapore, but since it is so similar to HK, one would easily make some comparison. Singapore’s weather was less hot than Hong Kong. The air was very clean. The city was very neat and tidy and preservation on natural life is done well. It will be nice to blog more about it after I have my digital memory collected in Singapore compiled.

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Seeing Jason n Michele

We went to the Golf Club after church. While we were having lunch, we heard voices calling Junie, Junie! We turned around n Jason (school friend) n his elder sister Michele were there! Junie n Michele are v good friends, depite their age difference.

They went to the playroom n the outdoor playground as well. They even played the video racing car game together, though not a good specialization of task!



After the club, we went to a nearby shopping mall to get some sunscreen for our upcoming trips. Junie was excited when she saw Disney was setting up an Ariel photo area.