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Is it a Good Book?

I didn’t like it until I reached 80% of it. Then is it good or not?


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Typhoon Day

The typhoon gave us a surprise holiday. It was supposed to be Green Day at school. Junie remembered that n so she put on her green tee. And she had a home Green Day!


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Homework Load

Junie does not have a lot of written homework. But the school expects the kids to do a lot of reading n there are a lot of online exercises. This creates a very interesting situation. You never know where you should stop. Reading 2 books per week? Or 3?

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Mum’s Teeth Complications

After Paul fell sick n recovered, it’s my Mum’s turn. She visited the dentist n found that her teeth problems were actually more serious than they appeared. A small but urgent treatment had to be carried out n he suggested hospital stay due to her numerous long term diseases. The operation turned out to be a great success n her oral condition was so good that the Dr allowed mum to go home! God is so nice to her!!