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Sad…. Saying bye bye to Daddy

Junie cried when we walked Daddy to the customs. Sad, we all are.


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It started alright… But then…

Junie has a new set of Barbie toy. She just loves it SO much. She opened it and was enjoying herself a lot.


But she liked it so much that she began to implement on others…………..


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A Talk with A Friend

I felt worse after sharing with a friend. She asked me how I was doing lately. I updated her about the situation I was facing. Out of my expectation, she took them all as complaints and started to ask me to stop the blaming. I was quite taken aback… Well, perhaps she was in a negative mood and got me all wrong there? I dunno….

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Injection Day

I forgot today was the injection day of Junie’s. She called secretly from school at noon and told me that she cried. I then realized that I had not prepared that toys that I had promised her. She suggested getting them together after school. So off we went to JUSCO. She got 2 sets of Barbie’s toys. I am glad that the injection was over. She had faced a difficulty on her own!


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SIM City

We have to get furniture for our home in Singapore. Before we came back Hong Kong on Sunday, we went to the apartment to do the measurements. With all the figures and the Ikea catalogue, we began compiling our list of furniture. I feel like I am playing SIM City!

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Sore Legs

We have been viewing around 30 properties. When I returned to the hotel, I could hardly move! They are all interesting homes. Homes that we would not be able to get in Hong Kong. There are houses, town houses, duplexes and apartments. The most fascinating one is a house from which an embassy has just moved out from. It was very colonial and stylish. And it is primely located. But we did not go for it after all. It is simply too big too look after n I don’t think I need a lot of time to adapt… being lived in my little apartments in Hong Kong…

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Here We Are

We have visited the Ministry of Immigration. Visas can be collected soon. We also learn that transferring our domestic helier from Hong Kong to Singapore is easy. Great!!! I don’t hv to go through the painful initial stage of new maid arrival. Since everything was smoothly accomplished, we managed to hv some leisure time.