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Friend from Hong Kong

Sherleen and Sarah visited us yesterday. They are here since 2 weeks ago and they are leaving today. Luckily we managed to arrange a breakfast gathering. Mummies had great chats on all sorts of topics and the kids were just having all sorts of fun. So happy! Bye, Sherleen and Sarah! See u in Hong Kong in March!




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BBQ Evening

Our first time ever!!! Home BBQ party! It would not be possible in our Hong Kong home. But since we have two big balconies here in Singapore, we really wanted to give it a try. So before my sister and cousin arrived, we bought a charcoal grill, the utensils and food. Mum seasoned the food. And the gentlemen started grilling. It was a cosy and yummy evening. Junie was not with us as she was still sick. She stayed on the couch for most of the evening.


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Church Life in Singapore

In Hong Kong, while we were attending our Cantonese Sunday Service, Junie went to her English Sunday School.  Both parties were spending time with God in a way that suits them best.

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God’s Arrangement, After 5 Year’s Time

After we knew about the secondment to Singapore, our church brother Pak Gor introduced us to his friend in Singapore, who is serving God in a Cantonese-speaking church.  Today, we joined the Sunday service.


We are very grateful that we can use our mother tongue to worship God.  For the time being, we still cannot find an English kid’s Sunday school, which coincides with this Cantonese Sunday service.  I will keep praying and searching.  I am sure God will provide.

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Preparing for Chinese New Year

I once learnt how to do soft gel nails with my nail practitioner, Small E.

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Small E was very patient in teaching me. I think I have captured the basic skills but I still asked her to come to my home and do my nails. We had great chats and laughters during those 2 hours. So it was very enjoyable.

After I have come to Singapore, I still am not too sure which nail salon to go. So why not do my own nails? Chinese New Year is only a few days away. What do u think of this?


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Learning Habits

(second posting today)


This book is called 丁丁上學記 the Learning Journey of 丁丁 (Ding Ding). I read it little by little with Junie, hoping she can build up some good studying habits. Junie call it ‘the Learning Journey of JJ’ as the Chinese character 丁 of is very similar to the alphabet J.