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Resuming Piano Learning

(second posting today)

After moving over to Singapore for 2 months, we finally managed to secure a place for piano learning for Junie in the morning. It is very difficult to look for morning activities for kids as the demand is very small. After making numerous calls and getting disappointed more than once, we stepped into this music school yesterday morning. Junie has forgotten a lot. But she looked all happy and gay after the trial lesson. So one more item off my TO-DO list!!!


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The Last Bookstore in….

America. What this book is talking about is also happening in Singapore. We set off for Page One last weekend. We were jaw dropped when we reached there. The whole book store was gone, not leaving a single trace of it…. Like it has never been there before… Not long ago, Borders closed down in Singapore as well. I think I am actually part of it… Contributing to the trend… I am a Kindle user and seldom buy printed books… It’s sad, seeing the book stores closing down one after another… Yet… Perhaps we have to prepare to embrace a new stage of human civilization…?


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Tired Out… Parents

Junie had a busy Saturday. She kicked it off with her favourite activity, ballet. After lunch, she started her tennis class. She has not been playing tennis for 3 months. She was enjoying it a lot though the batch size was actually 3 times that of the one in the HK! Junie rushed to the swimming pool right after she left her tennis buddies. She swam for an hour with daddy and we wrapped it up with a dinner right at the Club… as her parents are too tired……


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Lunch Out

When I saw the spectacular view in front of me after I stepped out of the Fullerton carpark, I felt I really should tick a picture. What was behind me is the famous Gold Sands Hotel. It is where the casino is. We then happily settled down at a riverview Japanese restaurant and enjoyed good food and the quietness. It’s always nice for us to spend some time without having the kid around.


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Super Phone

I call this phone set on my desk top my Super Phone. How super? I feel so special about it that It’s like a direct line between Obama and Hu Jin Tao. With it, I call Hong Kong numbers free and my friends can call me free as well!!!! Isn’t it amazing? Thanks to my cousin, Chris!!! I don’t know the tricks behind. It’s just wonderful!


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Sunday School

This is the second time Junie joined the kids Sunday school. I think she was doing great there as she told me a lot of God after the morning. The church asked them to bring the bible along but Junie didn’t have one. We consulted the Pastor and he suggested this. He said it was suitable for kids of Junie’s age.



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Daddy invited two colleagues and their family to come to our home. This is the first time we invited office friends home. Not only here but Hong Kong as well. It is nice to make new friends and it’s a beautiful thing when u see kids getting along well. Junie and Rebecca met last October when we were having the familiarization tour. They were very happy to play together again.


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(second posting today)

This is the fourth art lesson after her trial lesson. She is enjoying it a lot. At the workshop this week, Junie decided to do something different. She told her teacher that she wanted to make some craftwork instead of drawing. So, here is her work. A fabric puppy. She did not do the sewing. She decorated it. I believe she likes craftwork more… As she pointed to a turtle and said it would be her next project…