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Hooray!!! Tzit Tzit and Family are Visiting Us!

Yes!!! It is confirmed that our great friends will be spending a weekend here with us at the end of March!!! So happy that they will be staying in our home!!! This pair of kids will definitely go crazy and wild!!!


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After arriving more than a month, I have decided to visit the library. I found one near Junie’s school. It is located in a shopping mall. I was astonished to find that foreigners have to pay quite a big sum to get a borrower’s card. But I am grateful. At least I can find Junie’s favorite collection. Well, English books. For Chinese, I could not find many books with HANYU pinyin. So I finally got the Chinese readers for J from a book store in the same building. Quite a rewarding day.


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My Sunday

We went to the Methodist Church on Queen’s Street yesterday. This is the second time we came here. Last time we joined the Cantonese service. This time we joined the Putonghua session as it coincided with J’s English kids service. Thanks to God that she liked it and seemed to be well taken care of.


Both services ended at 1100. We had our lunch at the club and Junie and daddy spent 2 hours in the water subsequently. Me and mum were reading by the poolside… Embracing the hot sun….


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Where is She…?

I have come across a blog of a homemaker. She keeps a large, well organized digital online record of her cooking. The cooking was simple and yet the dishes looked really yummy. Every category of posts had a high viewing rate.

I read and read and suddenly I noticed that the most recent post was actually in 2010!!!! I scrolled down to read the comments and found that readers were writing to her until now, asking where she was, what happened n sending
best wishes n regards….

It’s quite sad. If one day I wanted to stop blogging, I would definitely drop a line, just a few words perhaps, saying that I would stop writing…. So that readers wouldn’t be asking, ‘where is she? what’s happened to her?…’. Bloggers n readers are ‘connected,’ aren’t they?

Hope everything is fine for her…