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My Very Healthy Grandpa

My 9x-year old grandpa is very very strong and healthy. V happy to see him! And he was v happy to see us.


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Reunion… In Hong Kong!!!

(second posting today)

We set off before dawn as our flight is at eight. So exciting! Will see family and friends very soon! Won’t miss the shopping! Won’t miss the lessons! Won’t miss the yummy food!!!! I am so happy!!!


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The End of Term One

Yesterday was the last day of the term. Singapore schools run a calendar different from those in Hong Kong. The latter start the academic year in September while the former start in January. Junie’s school is making good use of this one-week holiday to speed up its construction project. The school is adding an indoor sports hall in front of its main school campus. To ensure the kids learn in a nice environment, the workers work only after school hours.

When parents were waiting to pick up their kids at the late afternoon, a gigantic truck carry colossal steel posts moved in. From today, they would have a nice week to dirty and noisy!


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Sprouts of Friendship

I finally cultivated my first local friendship here in Singapore. This wonderful lady was the mother of a boy in the same class as Junie’s. She is the first parent who started chits chats with me. We ran into each other a lot recently as it became her daily task to pick up her son as it used to be the daddy doing it. I asked her out for lunch and so we went out yesterday.

We had nice time talking and i learnt more about this place and the people. And I found it very interesting that the professions of hers and her husband were just the same as my sister’ and my brother in law’s. What a coincidence!

This lovely dessert was her present to my mum and Junie. It was very pretty and sweet…. Just like the sprouts of some friendship!


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More Outdoor Time

Look at this outdoor set we got yesterday! I have always wanted to put out more comfortable furniture on the balcony outside my bedroom. We didn’t enjoy so much space in Hong Kong. So I think it will be nice to enjoy more time outside the covered space. We came across this combination of chairs and table last Sat. It was at a very good price and so immediately we placed our order!!! I think I can appreciate the moon and the stars more from now on!!!!


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Yesterday was My Mum’s 14th Birthday

(second posting today)

Should be 17th!!!! …. As we were celebrating her 68th years of God’s grace. We tried out a Chiu Chow restaurant, recommended by Paul’s colleague. It turned out to be a beautiful and reasonably priced dining place. Everyone filled the tummy with yummy food. Thank God. He has given us a happy family.