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Junie likes Snakes and Reptiles


This is the least thing I would have imagined…. Snakes… I am so scared of them….!

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Thunderstorm on Swim Day Again…..

Here in Singapore, our activities follow God’s will very closely…

Bad weather for 2 consecutive Saturday mornings. Junie and everyone is waiting by the poolside… Seeing how God thinks about swimming today…


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Junie Fell Off the Stairs!


She was going down to say good night to Grandma…. But she was still excited after her night adventure outdoor and so was all bouncy and jumpy… Her own momentum threw her away from the staircase and her feet landed into the air. She tumbled down all the way down! ¬†Thank God she got no fractures. But bruises are inevitable….

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Morning Practice

Without a teacher, with a half broken brush, I produce poor quality work. Hope the parcel from my cousin arrives today. She is not sending me a teacher. But at least I will have a new brush.


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(second posting today)

The full time helper has been with us for a week. Thank God that we can hire a maid here in Singapore as in Hong Kong. Thankful too, having a part time maid over these months. I can take some rest now.