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Well Trained by Singapore

The prices in Singapore are so high that we find that things in UK are actually quite inexpensive. Thanks to Singapore for making our UK trip ‘cheap.’


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Our Guests in Singapore

Over the weekend, our guests from Hong Kong visited quite a number of places in Singapore. Universal Studio, Sentosa, Museum on Sentosa, Siloso Beach, China Town, Night Safari, Botanic Garden….





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Ergonomic DIY

J’s teacher frequently reminded me that J’s school bag was too heavy. We therefore bought several very light weight ergonomic back packs but we still received the same comment. Eventually we bought a super duper light one, forgoing some of the desirable ergonomic features.

One morning, while I was peeking into the newly purchased item, I decided to use my sewing to add a spine-friendly design to it. By attaching an elastic band, the weight of books were now fixed close to her back.


ItĀ is now an extra light ergonomicĀ ruck sack now!

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End of Term Awards

This school of Junie’s is a bit special in a way that it does not give awards based on academic performance (the only one in this piece of land?). It recognizes children who work hard towards the six core values it treasures. I am so proud of her. The school gave recognition to her ‘resilience!’


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Approaching End of Term

Singapore has a very special academic calendar. It has 4 terms, with the first term starting on 2 Jan. ( The one of Hong Kong is similar to the rest of the world, with the commencement of term 1 in Aug or Sep. )

Term 2 runs from mid Mar to end of May and this is the last week of school. We are kind of relaxed now, wrapping projects and tasks up. Kids are getting more excited day by day…. Of course! A month of holiday is waiting for them!

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I enjoy the pleasure of having fun with friends. We are new here but I am glad that I am developing friendship with ZZ, mother of one of Junie’s school friends. She is v open and accepts my ‘foreign’ style. She gives me a lot of help and support. I thank God for taking care of me via her.

We went to a movie last week. Felt like in my secondary school days!


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Art Museum

Junie told us that she wanted to visit the Art Museum. She just had a field trip to the Paranakan Museum last week and so I think she was biten by this exhibition bug. So off we went. She was scared by some of the presentation of the artwork, but overall we all had an enjoyable time.