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Spectacles on Junie

Junie had an eye checkup at the hospital and confirmed that she has shortsightedness. She needs lenses to help her see things clearly. We have been discussing what we should be getting her what eill be the best solutions these weeks and have been visiting quite a number of optical shops. We decided to get a normal pair of spectacles for her to start with and will go for contact lenses that can control the development of myopia next.



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My Piano Learning

I started piano simply because it was the only hobby that is available for me to do in the afternoon. After 4 lessons, I found myself discussing with my teacher about taking exams! She thinks that I can switch to learn exam-oriented stuff anytime. She reckoned that Grade 5 will be my level. This sounds quite a big step forward to me. Am I willing to accept the challenge?


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Today is the tenth day since I embarked on this journey of online study of mine. Honestly speaking, I am really struggling. The heavy workload, the enthusiastic online discussion going non stop, the¬†intellectual reading assignments…

Will keep working hard!!!


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It’s School Holiday Today

It’s school holiday. It started with a rainy morning and my friend called and said they would not come for the¬†water playdate. J was v disappointed. So I promised her that we would still go ourselves.

Daddy joined us at lunch at the club. Junie then played at the game centre and at the playground. The sun came out at this moment and so Junie could play at the pool. Without daddy, J refused to practise her swimming and just enjoyed herself here and there. She wrapped the day up with her favourite rainbow ice lolly.


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Paul and I went out and spent time together a lot recently. It is very pleasant. I thank God. He gives me a very good companion. Paul gives support to me and we share a lot in common on how we see things. Even at occasions if we don’t, we manage to (well, most of the time) accept each other’s view. Really appreciate it.


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Walk in Nature Reserve

Singapore is a very beautiful place… With lots of green colour all over the city… And it is very well preserved and loved by its people. We had a walk in the nature reserve early in the morning on Labour Day. Very refreshing.