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Yippee! Sherleen is Back in Singapore

Singapore is Sherleen’s home. She is back from HK! So nice to see her n do yum CHA w her n Sarah today.


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Children’s Books Collection

When J was in HK, her school encouraged them to read the books from the Oxford Reading Tree. In her own time, she liked the Rainbow Magic Fairy series and has finished almost all of them. I was wondering what other collection I should introduce her. (Reading collection by collection is good in the sense that it will usually take her quite a while to exhaust every book before I need to look for something new for her). My friend from UK gave me some ideas and now Junie has embarked on a new journey. There are 50 books in this series and so I can sit down and enjoy myself for a couple of weeks!


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Best Journal Writer

J is one of the two best journal writers in the class! The teacher read out her work to the class. She said Js writing was interesting, encouraging school friends to look at things in a fun way.

Junie calls her journal the Telephone Journal… God knows why…