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Junie’s Accident

Junie and a P3 boy crashed together. She was knocked down and her face landed onto the ground. Bruises on the forehead n nose. Her new watch was totally damaged.


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Long Lost Friend

Having a friend request pending for a long time since I didnt recall the name…. Until reading a message left by her… Yes, Sakamoto San! Been 11 years’ time since we were last in touch! Thanks to Facebook!


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E Homework

Both in HK n Singapore, J has a lot of e homework n reading. These assignments are meant to be interesting n fun and so flash player is always needed. iPad as a result cannot be used in these cases. J always had to do the digital work at the desktop computer.

But things have changed. We bought a Samsung Galaxy tablet. It’s v light n it plays flash files. So J can now read n work anywhere she goes.


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I played badly today….

Today is my piano day.  I played badly.  It is my bad.  I didnt have much time on practice.  Been spending time on the Ortho-K lenses fitting for J.  And had an assignement deadline to rush for.  Anyway, my bad, my bad.  Will definitely work hard this week!