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Happy Playdate

Nicole invited us to her home before the holidays and so we invited her to come over this time!  We did a lot of activities!

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Feeding the Birds

Junie decided to feed the birds.  (where comes the idea…?)  She thought that the birds would come and eat the bread crumbs in her hand.  It didnt happen and so I suggested her leaving them on the balcony rail.  She waited but nothing happened.  So she sat down and drew a poster to invite and direct them to come and enjoy a good meal. 

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Online Shopping from US

I always find good things on Amazon. Unfortunately, it was not until the payment point that I would find a lot of items were for domestic consumption. I was always discouraged. I would then ask my friend living in US to help me get them. But Paul said that it would cause troubles to others.

I have recently two items I really want to procure and after detailed decision, I have made up my mind to go through ebay. The parcel arrived safely and happily 20 days after the payment. Both items were not available in Hong Kong and Singapore. Really happy that I can get them online.