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J said She Couldn’t Put it Down

I had to rush to the bookstore to get Book 3 ready. She said the flow of the story was real fast. And difficult words can be deduced by reading the lines more carefully. I like J’s comments.


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Learning to play Pomp on piano. It reminds me of playing it at our orchestra. How I miss that…. I think I can rejoin it in this winter, I think.

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Medical Leave

Junie is grounded for 2 days. She is suffering from a cold and eye inflammation. Planned to go to school after the visit to the clinic…. So she changed back into her own clothes… It’s really hot these days… We have not even reach the hottest months (May and Jun)!


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When we were living in HK, we used to have a lot of time enjoying breakfast while J was having her lessons. But not here. So, was really happy when we had the opportunity.


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Very Humid

Oh, it is SO humid today. I used to think that Singapore enjoyed a relatively low humidity. But I think I am wrong. It’s all sticky and stuffy!

A snapshot taken from the Community Centre. Look at the water collected on the wall.