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Family Reunion

Daddy is back for good!!!!  Yesterday maked the end of our family separation.  Paul is back in Hong Kong.  From today onwards, our whole family will be staying in our home town again!

On 18 Dec 2011, we left Hong Kong to join Daddy, who was already staying in Singapore two months earlier than us.

201112 - Daily Life

We spent two good years in Singapore.

On 18 Dec 2013, our family has finally put a full-stop to our family separation.  Daddy returned to Hong Kong to join us, who have been back in Hong Kong 4 months earlier than he does.

Daddy can drive Junie to school again!  And have breakfast with me again!

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I Lost my Schedule Book

My schedule book has disappeared into thin air despite the fact that I am sure it has arrived Hong Kong with the bulk shipment.  I finally gave it up and I asked J to help me get this….


One may wonder why I needed J’s assistance in the procurement…  It is because… it is actually her student handbook.  And I added a more mature cover for it.


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Coldest Day

Today is the coldest day of this year.  And different from the days before, we are having  bright sunshine!  This picture was taken at 9 o’clock at 9 degrees.