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After School Teatime

Junie suggested going out for tea.  She said she really needed a break from school work.   So here we are, with crepes and hot dogs cheering us up. 


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My Desk in Order

I have a very small desktop space.  In order to gain more working area and keeping my desk neat and tidy at the same time, I decided to add a deck to my computer so that the peripheral items can be stowed away.  

I ordered a stand but the supplier sent me the wrong colour!  She refunded part of the cost, leaving me w something in a colour that I am not particularly fond of.  

Lucky that there is spray paint and husband in this world, the crisis is turned back into a blessing.  

Now, my desktop is in good order now.  



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My friend is back from a vacation in Tokyo.  She passed me a gift and told me that it was J.  This gesture of hers warmed my heart.  It means that she remembered my kid when she was away from home.  In order to show my gratitude to the love and care from others, I always send pictures of J with the gift or ask J to write thank you notes to these lovely aunties and uncles.  

This is the lovely gift she brought back from Tokyo.  J has long grown out of princess goodies.  But it doesn’t bother us a bit!  It’s the love that the gift delivers that matters.  


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Going Out

It’s nearly mid September.  After spending June, July and August with Junie; some time on packing, moving and unpacking; and lots of days on shopping for furniture and household items, I finally had time to go out.  I shopped and had lunch with my friend and I found that I was actually missing the fun a lot!  Luckily I have set up another lunch appointment w another friend next week!  

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My Father’s Watch

My father had a lot of watches.  My sister and I inherited them and have been wearing some of them.  But this one is a forgotten one.  It is a watch that my father wore when he visited his factory site in China.  I retrieved it when I was unpacking one of my carton boxes, and decided to give it life again.  I was very happy when the watch repairer passed it back to me.  I now put it in my dressing table.  It tells me time and I spend time with it every morning while I put on my makeup.