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My DIY gothic mirror 


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What’s in My Bag

I did What’s in Your Bag three years ago.

After moving back to Hong Kong, the contents in my bag also changed accordingly.

1.  Car key-obviously a different car key as we got a new car after coming back.

2.  Pouch – A carrier for tissue, sweetener and earphones.  (Will explain later)

3.  Makeup pouch I – The contents of this have increased, probably because I am aging.  ^^”  (Will explain later)

4.  Eco bag-Hong Kong discourages use of poly bags.  So we always bring eco bags when we go out.

5.  Card holder– This has become much thicker after I moved back, as I have a lot more membership in this city.

6.  Wallet – been using this wallet for many years.

7.  Fan

8.  Makeup pouch II (Will explain later)

9.  I like using small handbags.  This one is 21.5 cm wide.

I am not carrying the Kindle, the tissue case and the chewing gum any more.

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War and Peace

I have finally completed Book 1. The vivid presentation of the complicated social ties and the true reflections of human hearts and thoughts especially when our lives and power ambitions are involved is fascinating.  Am now proceeding into Book 2.