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What’s in My Bag

I did What’s in Your Bag three years ago.

After moving back to Hong Kong, the contents in my bag also changed accordingly.

1.  Car key-obviously a different car key as we got a new car after coming back.

2.  Pouch – A carrier for tissue, sweetener and earphones.  (Will explain later)

3.  Makeup pouch I – The contents of this have increased, probably because I am aging.  ^^”  (Will explain later)

4.  Eco bag-Hong Kong discourages use of poly bags.  So we always bring eco bags when we go out.

5.  Card holder– This has become much thicker after I moved back, as I have a lot more membership in this city.

6.  Wallet – been using this wallet for many years.

7.  Fan

8.  Makeup pouch II (Will explain later)

9.  I like using small handbags.  This one is 21.5 cm wide.

I am not carrying the Kindle, the tissue case and the chewing gum any more.


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