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What’s in My Bag – Part II

I did another round of What’s in My Bag a few weeks ago and I said I would talk more on some of the items.

I will now talk about my Makeup pouch I.


The * denotes new items that I started to bring along with me only in recent months.  The pouch, as said before, was hand-sewn by one of the great helpers I had.  She made several for me and they are great work.  Sorry for the mechanical pencil… It is an eyesore to my monotone eyes too… but I am still forever failing to find one that is black or white and in this size…  Please let me know if you have come across one.

I want to talk about this little foundation box.  It was actually an accessory box I bought from Daiso, which looked like this.


I removed the dividers and added a reflective sheet I found in my storage.  I replaced the cover decoration sticker it came with with one of my wrapping papers.  I gave it more protection by adding an adhesive film on top.  And now this little monotone case is the home of my foundation sponge, which I bring out for makeup touchup.

I added little symbols on the bottom of the little bottles so that it will be easier for me to pull out the correct item I want.


Will talk about the other contents in my bag next time.  🙂



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