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After War and Peace

I think I need a rest for my brain cells.  So I decided to read something equally old but (I hope) lighter.

This (below) is its first cover ^^

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Preparing for Back-To-School

One of which is to return J’s room to its study mode.  The left layout allows more space to play in. So we normally will change to it during holidays.  J can set up a coffee table and play with her friends too.  The right layout enables J to focus better as she faces the book shelf rather than the interesting hill and the trekking paths.  

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Don’t Give Up

About two months ago, I invited my sister and brother in law to come to my home for dinner.  We normally order food delivery when we are having guests.  I , however, wanted a change this time and so my helper cooked.

Every kitchen gets hot when it is at work.  But I didn’t know mine would get this hot.  We keep our aquarium in the kitchen.  The fish inside all died after the cooking.

So, you can imagine how hot it had been for my helper…

I decided to solve this problem.  I identified the sources of the heat and tackle them.

And now, my kitchen temperature has dropped at least by 5 degrees Celsius.  It is not a hell any more.  In fact, the whole apartment is a lot cooler now.

I felt very good about it.  My helper does not have to suffer.  The new lot of fish is living happily in a cooler environment.  And what made me happy is that there is always a solution to our problems.  Don’t give up.  Keep trying.  🙂