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Good Night, HK

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Digital records management

iTunes had been a bit strange on my computer for a while.  It kept saying that my audio output had problems.  Since then, it refused to communicate w my phone.  ><

I am sure there must be a way out.  Just that I do not know about it.  No matter what it is driving me crazy.

Together with some other issues concerning with my NAS, I think I desperately need some help.  

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I really really miss the photo management software, Picasa……

It has been more than a year since it stopped updating…  I have been trying very hard to find a replacement but I failed.  Users can actually continue to use the downloaded copy in their pc.  Unfortunately, earlier this year, we changed to a newer computer, which came with a new version of Windows.  So I bade a sad farewell to my favourite software programme.

Since then, photos have been ‘piling’ up, waiting to be organised and collated…  >o<

During my USA vacation, I had time to do some reflections on myself and my daily life.  I felt that I have been procrastinating quite a number of things…  and the management of these digital records is one of them.

So after coming back, I sat down in front of the computer and set to work.  Suddenly there seems to be a lot more options than before and I found myself more willing to download trial copies and test each out.  Right now, I think I have found three different softwares that, when used together, can carry out most of the functions of Picasa’s.

I am glad that I tried once again.

What!… Picasa is Dying!