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After the Funerals

We are gradually stepping out of the sorrow from the loss of two family members within three days (in April)….

After both funerals were over, I read this book of Agatha Christie’s.  There is nothing in common between those we arranged and the story she told.  Just wanted to find something light to occupy my mind.   

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Finished Steinback’s book and re-read two children’s classics.  When I was small, I was fascinated by the adventures of Alice.  Now, as an adult, I feel strong resonance in the last part that Alice’s sister, talking about childhood and naivety, and adulthood and reality.  đź™‚

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Go Set a Watchman

I finished the book.  I really like the part that Uncle Jack reveals to Jean Louise how the real world works.  The real world is so real, so true, so intricate and yet so common, so straightforward and so simple.